Tweed Talk

Tweed Talk

The ramblings and musings of Philip Poots on things theological

. . . and possibly some actual talk of tweed.

Hope in the How Long – Part 3

In the last blog post we started our journey through the pattern that flows through the psalms that can help us process our pain in this fallen world, let’s continue on that journey. _________________________________________________ 4. The Psalmist processes his problem in light of God’s covenantal faithfulness. As the psalmists go throughs their thoughts, emotions andContinue reading “Hope in the How Long – Part 3”

Start with the Psalms

  It’s a brisk Ulster day and the sun shimmers against the cold tempered blades as they sparkle beside the dull carved stones. All is silent until footsteps start along the grass and it cracks like glass under the black brogue shoes of mourning men.   There is one, robed in black, who goes onContinue reading “Start with the Psalms”

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